The film 'Encounters in the Archive' was conceived and produced by Donatella Barbieri and filmed and edited by filmmaker Netia Jones.

00:39  Paul Bevan about the physical space within the archive

01:33  Cathy Haill, Darren Cabon and Marios Antoniou on Edwin Moxon’s acrobat costume

02:34  Amy de la Haye and Cecil Beaton’s My Fair Lady costume

03:30  Claire Christie searching through Gertrude Lawrence’s Biographical Box

04:10  Nicky Gillibrand on Giorgio de Chirico’s costume for Le Bal

05:20  Charlotte Hodes examining Jacques Callot’s 17th Century Print

06:30  Marios Antoniou and Darren Cabon on Victorian Clowns' Costumes

07:23  Charlotte Hodes drawing the Meleto Castle costume

10:10  Amy de la Haye encountering Coco Chanel’s costume for Le Train Bleu

12:26  Nicky Gillibrand inspecting Giorgio de Chirico costumes from Le Bal,

13:15  Kate Dorny and Mikhail Larionov’s Buffoon costume from Chout

14:09  Paul Bevan and circus trapeze

14:45  Darren Cabon and Edwin Moxon’s trunks

14:56  Amy de la Haye on Coco Chanel’s costume for Le Train Bleu

15:02  Nicky Gillibrand with Girogio de Chirico’s Sylph costume from Le Bal

15:10  Charlotte Hodes looking at the Meleto Castle costume

15:20  Claire Christie and Cecily Byrne’s bias cut 1928 costume for By Candle Light
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